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Complex Manufacturing Challenges?

We Have Your Solutions

Quality & Reliable Manufacturing Solutions

Custom Manufacturing For High-Tech Industries

RWC is a global leader in the design and production of innovative manufacturing systems.

Our flexible solutions can provide any production line requirements, from the most basic to the most advanced automated processes.

RWC’s automated manufacturing systems are engineered and designed to your specs and space limitations, and are capable of performing multiple functions to accomplish your final production goal.

RWC can design an automation process to meet your production and material handling needs with superior cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Custom 3D Modeling

3D modeling benefits industrial automation by providing better visualization, improving communication and collaboration, reducing downtime, and saving money and time on physical prototyping. It fast-tracks design modifications and leads to reliable and improved product development, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and faster time-to-market.

Our Core Manufacturing Technologies

Manufacturing machines are crucial for producing various products at high precision. Their design and production require expertise in mechanical, electrical engineering, and computer science. The development of CAD/CAM software has improved the accuracy of complex machine parts, while NC and PLC systems have automated manufacturing, enhancing efficiency while minimizing errors. Advanced materials, precision tools, and innovative engineering methods contribute to modern manufacturing.


Spot Welding

Resistance Seam Welding

Projection Welding

Gas Metal Arc Welding

Plasma Arc Welding

Laser Welding

Autogenous Laser Welding

Laser Hybrid Welding




Metal Forming

Metal Bending

Metal Forming

Piercing & Notching

Metal Punching

Metal Slitting

Manufacturing Robotics

Automated Welding

Automated Parts Assembly

Automated Measurement

Crimping, Clinching & Riveting

Metal Crimping

Metal Clinching

Metal Riveting

Metal Loc Forming

Adhesive Bonding

Glass Bonding

Metal-to-Metal Bonding



Engineering & Manufacturing


Equipment Tooling

Simultaneous Engineering

Project Management



Quality Assurance

RWC has long recognized the industry-wide trend to always improve the company’s ability to produce quality goods and services.

In addition to the obvious marketing advantages that third party registration offers, RWC also sees productivity and quality advantages that will accrue to the company and thus to our customers. RWC has developed a Quality System Manual, corporate and departmental procedures, and departmental work instructions, which implement our quality system and provide objective evidence of our ability to achieve the goals enumerated in this series of standards.

Full-Service Support Long After The Sale

RWC is your support team. Now and Long Into The future.

Installation and Training

We offer a highly qualified team that installs your equipment with professionalism, train your operators and helps you optimize the production process, key points to achieve a successful operation.

Consultant Service

Whether you are looking to offer a new product, have changed operation or want to increase your productivity our tailed consultancy service will develop a tailored training program to fulfill your specific requirements.


Your machine has been a very loyal companion for a long time and after many years of intense use, it might need some repairs or parts. On request, our skilled technicians and engineers will perform an inspection of your equipment and supply you with a detailed assessment of the activities required for the reconditioning. We can offer reconditioning , retrofitting or supplying spare parts for your old equipment and thus add some extra life of reliable productivity.

Remote Support Management

We have developed a Remote Support Management system ( RSM ) for real time assistance on your equipment. This service will provide you with fast support, trouble shooting, programming of your PLC remotely, view and control of your HMIs for assistance and programming support.

The RSM allows to connect to any machine in the production line directly from the RWC, Inc. in a simple, safe, and reliable way, eliminating all the current traditional technological limitations.

  1. No need of remote desktop software
  2. Works for all types of PLC’s
  3. Works well in any network environment.
  4. Simple, secure remote assistance

Newly Finished Machines - Demonstration Videos

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