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• Automated Welding

• Multiple Welding Formats

• Metal Forming

• Metal Fabricating

• Assembly Systems

• Adhesive Bonding

• Fastening, Piercing
     & Notching

• Robotics Integration




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RWC Production Support Services, Inc. (a division of RWC Inc.) is committed to supplying and supporting all of your manufacturing equipment, whether produced by RWC or another company.

PSS is a single source with a wide range of products, from custom (manufactured) parts to all types of purchased components. PSS will do your multi-ordering for you.


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2105 S. Euclid Avenue   ■  P.O. Box 920  ■  Bay City, MI 48707-0920          Company Directory: (989) 684-4030  ■  Sales: (989) 671-6946 or (989) 671-6905  ■  Fax: (989) 684-3960