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Simultaneous Engineering

These projects primarily involve major appliance and automotive manufacturers who must meet government regulated energy standards.

RWC's extensive simultaneous engineering experience means outstanding benefits for our customers. Our involvement with every phase of a project, beginning with product design and continuing with functional production-process development, means projects come in on time and within budget. We ensure complete confidentiality in our partnerships, allowing customers to introduce new products without fear of exposing project knowledge or design to the competition.


Product Management

RWC assigns a Project Manager to oversee each project from order through warranty period.

Primarily responsible for successful execution of the project from engineering through final acceptance and warranty matters, the PM is a liaison, representing the customer's interests to RWC and serving as the customer's primary point-of-contact with RWC.

The PM also develops an integrated project schedule of engineering, manufacturing, test, and shipping activities for the machinery, as well as customer interface requirements and invoicing schedules.


Equipment and Tooling

RWC is known in the industry for building robust equipment that runs for years in adverse production and factory environments. Our equipment is designed for ruggedness, easy maintenance, accessibility, long life, operator safety, and quick changeover for replacement of perishable tooling items.



RWC’s full-service Engineering Department incorporates both mechanical and controls engineering. Close communication with customers and frequent design review coordination allow us to fulfill schedule and machine design commitments. Each product is engineered to be truly cost-effective.



Our Manufacturing Department staff of service technicians and skilled tradesmen test and develop the systems produced at RWC and then start up and debug those systems at the customer’s plant. They work hand-in-hand with the mechanical and controls engineers during the development and debug time. Our engineers and technicians are fully trained on all current controls technology.

Custom Weld Control Interface for Entron Weld controls

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